During the early 1960’s Highfields was residence to the McAlpine’s. Sheila McAlpine founded the “Cullum” herd, one of the first few herds of Charolais in the UK.

After Highfields was purchased by the Ross family in October 2012, David Ross was keen to reintroduce Charolais cattle to the estate and so the Chameran herd evolved. The herd name was chosen from two letters from each of the Ross’s children’s names – Charlotte, James, Erin and Ethan.

Our stockman, David Cameron, has been working at Highfields Park since 1985. He is an experienced Charolais herdsman from the “Cullum” herd and manages the day to day running of our Charolais cattle today.

In July 2013, seven females were purchased from Jan Boomar’s Vexour Farm, Chiddingstone, followed by Rumsden Eva ET by Fairway Soprano, originally bred by Robert and Fiona Temple from Suffolk.

In October 2013 Chameran Icarus by Newhouse Emperor, out of Mortimer’s Vogue, was the first to be born at Highfields within the Chameran herd. It was decided Icarus was good enough to breed from and he served several cows in February 2016.

In October 2015 we purchased a significant number of top quality cattle when Peter and Vanessa Vasey dispersed their very successful Edenhurst herd.

Now that the new herd is established, with just over fifty head including twenty-five breeding females, the plan is to attend shows and sales and produce quality bulls and females for sale.

On the farm we also have a small flock of cross bred mule ewes, who sometimes have up to four lambs each during Spring, as well as two pigs, a Gloucester Old Spot Cross Welsh Black sow and a Saddle-back boar. Our lake is where you will find our Indian Runner Ducks that were hatched and reared on the estate as well as moorhens, Canada geese, wild geese and heron. Plus if you’re lucky you may even spot our resident kingfisher too!

Each year we also produce around 500 bales of silage which is used throughout the winter months for our livestock.

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Certified of accredited status free of BVD and Lepto | Risk level 2 Johnes and herd testing for IBR